Art First. Always

A tattoo and piercing studio in Wirral, north west England, we are a small team of artists each specialising in their field. But importantly, we are a studio who believes we deliver more.

You can learn more about our team here however our skills as tattoo and piercing professionals is not all we offer our customers. At Nomad Ink we provide service as well as skill.

“It doesn’t take much to be a successful artist - all you need to do is dedicate your entire life to it.”


You will find in-depth explanations of what you can expect from us here but to summarise…

  • Full consultation and design service.
  • Your time is yours alone. Consultations are by appointment only meaning when it comes to your tattoo, your artist will not be pulled away by anyone else. Full professional service.
  • Body piercing using the highest standards of practice. Implant grade titanium jewellery, a fully A-septic technique and the reassurance of UKAPP piercing practices.
  • Artists are specialists in their field, tattooing their chosen style almost exclusively.
  • Private rooms. Your tattoo will be done in the privacy and luxury of your artist’s own room. Choose the movie or music, sit back and relax.
  • Design approval in advance. appointment to view, discuss, approve or amend your design before booking your tattoo.

Portraits, Realism

By Lewis Sherlock

  • Portraits
  • Surrealism
  • Black & Grey
  • Colour
  • Detail
  • StoryTelling

Illustration, Colour, Portraits

By Sophie Burke

  • Full Colour
  • Cult Classics
  • Botanicals
  • Fantasy
  • Portraits
  • Story Telling

Blackwork, Linework, Old School

By Charles Astbury

  • Black and Grey
  • Full Colour
  • Movie Reference
  • Creative
  • Quirky
  • Bold

Body Piercing

Ashley Meadows

  • Implant grade titanium
  • A-septic technique
  • UKAPP standard
  • Ear curations
  • Free downsize
  • Skilled and experienced

The long...

Nomad Ink started as a husband and wife team, one tattoo artist and one business development manager. The idea to work together came one evening during 18 months of travel in the back of a van. Hence the name.

Studio owner and manager Jo wanted to bring the service, approachability and professional environment she and others had found lacking in many studios. Tattoo artist Lewis wanted to bring an ‘art first’ approach, ensuring both he and every future artist at Nomad Ink specialises, learns and creates continually. Both in tattooing and other art mediums.

In 2019 illustration artist Sophie Burke came to us to learn to tattoo and was soon an incredible artist in her own right. In 2021 artist Chaz Astbury joined the team, bringing his insane technical skill and quirky creativity. Followed in 2022 by our body piercer Ashley Meadows. As you’d expect, she brings only the best in terms of practice, skill and continual learning.

The renovations of our huge building and expansion of our studio continues in 2024. We’d love to see you there.