What to expect (and what not to expect) at your tattoo appointment

Whether you’re considering your first tattoo or you’re experienced under the needle, it can be useful to understand what you can expect from us from initial contact through to the day of your new tattoo.

Getting in touch

You can get in touch in lots of ways but however you contact us, you’ll get through to our studio manager, Jo.

We appreciate that the initial enquiry is just that – an enquiry.  Jo will chat with you about your ideas and talk you through the tattoo style you’re looking for. If you’re unsure – no problem! This informal chat will help you narrow down your ideas. You can send pictures, ask questions, send more pictures and ask more questions. Your tattoo is going to be with you forever, we’re happy to spend the time helping you make the right decision for you.



Your consultation

Jo will then be able to book you in for a consultation. Consultations are free of charge. They last around an hour and over a coffee you will sit with your artist and go over design, style, placement, size, and any other details that help inform your tattoo design. Almost all tattoos at Nomad Ink are unique and created bespoke for each customer. The information gathered at consultation forms the basis for your tattoo artwork. We can usually give you an idea of final price at this stage.

Not local? No problem. We have lots of clients who travel to us and we adjust this process to ensure your tattoo appointment is the only day you need to make the journey. If a visit is not possible your consultation and design approval is done digitally.

Once you have met your artist and discussed how your new tattoo could look, if you want to go ahead you pay an £80 design fee. Or 50% of the tattoo price if less than £80. This commitment allows your artist to go away and create your tattoo artwork. This design fee is non-refundable however it comes off the price of the finished tattoo.

And that’s the ball rolling!


Design, consultation and coffee.


Tattoo Artwork Approval

Once your artwork is ready you will be invited back to the studio. The artwork approval process is key to ensuring your finished tattoo is something you love for the rest of your life. Your artist will show you what they have created for you and talk over the different elements of your tattoo design. If there are changes you want to make, no problem at all. The design fee you paid covers as many changes as necessary (within the original brief) to make it exactly what you are looking for. If you love it, fantastic! That’s always the aim (and the response to the design, more often than not).

Then it’s time to get booked in.



Before the day

Studio manager Jo will send you some pre-tattoo information containing everything you need to know before getting a new tattoo. Had tattoos before? It acts as a reminder of how to ensure both you and your skin are ready for your appointment.

You will also receive our aftercare advice ahead of your appointment. This gives you chance to make yourself familiar with it, meaning you can ask your artist any questions on the day. Once finished your artist will re-iterate the aftercare information and you can contact Jo at any time if you are unsure.



On the day

You will come to the studio around 10.30am and relax with a coffee. If you are new to us you will also complete your consent form and show your ID. Then it’s time to get started. First tattoo and a bit nervous? You can find a detailed account of the tattoo process here.


Reception and aftercare retail.



What not to expect


Artists being disturbed or pulled away

Your time with your artist is exactly that. Your time. We work on an appointment only basis meaning that consultations and artwork approvals do not happen while your artist is tattooing other people. Nor will they happen while they are tattooing you. It is frustrating to pay money to a tattoo artist and find them regularly pulled away. Our set up is appointment only and there is a full time studio manager on site. As a result artists rarely have work or personal interruptions while tattooing. Each artist has their own room so once you’re booked in, their time and concentration is yours.



Rushed Tattoo Appointments

There will likely be no other tattoo appointments to accommodate that day other than yours. Most appointments at Nomad Ink are for large scale work and so are booked by the day. If one of our artists is doing a smaller tattoo that will not take the full day, we do not book appointments back to back. This allows adequate time for thorough cleaning and hygienic set up between clients. It also ensures your tattoo appointment is not rushed. Tattooing has lots of variables and it is important your artist is not watching the clock.


Artist’s private room.


A lack of privacy

Privacy is not something that matters to everyone. Large open studios where everyone gets tattooed together suits some just fine. However at Nomad Ink each artist has their own room. And always will.

Getting a tattoo can put you in a vulnerable position. You are often partially undressed and after a while are likely to be feeling pain. For some, this makes being in an open space uncomfortable. When you’re uncomfortable tattoos feel more painful. Private tattoo studios mean the only people passing through that space is you, your artist and perhaps the studio manager. You can relax your way through your tattoo and be in charge of the days movies or music.


Not seeing your tattoo design until the day of your appointment

Getting a new tattoo is exciting. Seeing what your artist has created for you is exciting. When you are not seeing your tattoo design until the day of your appointment, for some that excitement can turn to regret. You are unlikely to raise concerns or ask for changes if you have waited weeks or even months for your appointment. You’ve booked the day off, you’re on the spot, it’s not a good time to make such a permanent decision. Your artist is better prepared when your artwork is agreed in advance.


A book of designs to choose from

Our artists may release flash tattoos or larger pieces of their own design from time to time however you will not be able to call in to Nomad Ink and choose a design from a book of hundreds of pre-drawn pieces. We love to create tattoos unique to each customer. For that reason we also never repeat bespoke tattoo designs. Once it’s yours, your artist will never put it on someone else.

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