Transparent Pricing Policy

Want to know how much tattoos cost at Nomad Ink? Rest assured, our prices are transparent and are the same for every customer.

The cost of tattoos depend on how long they take, and so price is determined by size and level of detail.

We can provide the price for your individual tattoo at consultation but our artist’s rates are below.

All Artists

Portraits, Illustration, Realism, Old School, Linework, Blackwork, Fine Line

£90 per hour

£1500 for 3 full days (3 x 6 hours)



Payments and Terms of Business

Consultations are free of charge. You can find out what to expect at consultation (and the rest of your appointments) here.

We accept payments in cash, by debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or bank transfer.

There is a design depost of £90 payable for bespoke design tattoos. Design deposits are non-refundable. If you decide not to go ahead with your tattoo after a design deposit has been paid, no monies will be refunded to you. Additionally your completed tattoo design may be sold to someone else.

Design deposits are discounted from the total price of the completed tattoo, as illustrated below.

Your artist will be able to give you an estimate of total tattoo price at consutation however this is not a final quote. You will be given a final price on completion of your tattoo design. If you would like to set the final price with your artist please do so at consultation.

Once your artist has completed your tattoo design you will be invited to the studio to view it. At this stage you are free to request changes to your design. All changes within the original brief (as per the consultation) are included in the design deposit. On final approval of your tattoo design, you can book your tattoo appointment.

Tattoo appointments are secured with a booking deposit that is equal to 50% of the total price of the tattoo. This includes the design deposit you have already paid. The remaining balance is due on the day of your tattoo appointment.


Example – £540 total price

£90 design deposit

£180 booking deposit once design approved, making up 50% of total price

£270 (remaining 50%) due on the day of your tattoo appointment


Should you need to cancel your tattoo appointment you must provide as much notice as possible, but a minimum of 72 hours. With the required notice we will re-schedule your appointment without loss of booking deposit.

Should you need to re-schedule your appointment with less than 72 hours notice you may forfeit your booking deposit.

Should you fail to arrive at your tattoo appointment without notice you will forfeit your booking deposit. We reserve the right to refuse future appointments to those who don’t turn up to appointments.


Want to know more? Why not send our studio manager Jo a message.

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